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The Urban Composter and its accessories are Australian made from recycled plastic. With the addition of pro-biotic microorganisms (EM-1) the fermenting of food scraps is fast and anaerobic, producing no greenhouse gases as regular composting would. Once fermented and saturated in microbes the scraps are introduced to soil and rapidly break down. The result is a rich and nutritious compost FULL of life.

Before Use Setup

Test the tap with water first to make sure it's secure and operating. It should be installed with a snug fit. It can be adjusted by unscrewing and rotating the nut inside the bucket. * Placing a piece of paper towel over the grate before starting is recommended. This prevents small particles from getting into the tap.

How to use it

Cut up your food scraps and throw them into the Urban Composter Bucket. Spray Compost Accelerator onto the scraps every time scraps are added. We recommend 2-4 sprays evenly over scraps. Bokashi Mix can also be used if desired. Push the scraps down to compact them each time as well. Make sure the lid is closed correctly all the way around. The addition of sugar can also help to speed up the microbes. Drain the juice off every few days. This should be diluted with water (1:100) and used as a fertisliser in the garden. Alternatively it can be poured down the sink and promotes septic systems. When emptied clean with an organic cleaner or with water and vinegar. Don’t use regular chemical cleaners. Run water through the tap to clear it, top half of tap can be unscrewed to remove blockages.

What you can put in it.

All types of food scraps can be added. These include greens, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee/tea, flowers, eggs shells and more. We recommend to cut scraps into smaller pieces first. Make sure proteins such as meat and fish are thoroughly sprayed with accelerator. (no bones or excessive liquids)

What to do when it is full

Ensure that the bucket is left 1-2 weeks to ensure its all fermented (keep draining juice daily). Once fermented ensure all juice is drained off. Then bury under soil. Will break down in 4-8 weeks. To use new scraps whilst the old are fermenting we recommend either: purchasing a second bucket or freezing new scraps until bucket is emptied.

Garden: Dig a hole or trench in the garden, place scraps in and cover with soil.

Compost Pile: Fermented scraps can be added to regular compost piles/bins. It will break down quicker than normal scraps. Make sure brown material is added equally.

Worm Farm: Worms love Urban Composter scraps, however they will initially stay away as it’s acidic. Mix the scraps with two handfuls of soil before adding.

Planter: If you don’t have a garden you can use a pot or planter. Mix scraps evenly with soil and place in the planter. Cover with a 5cm layer of soil on top.